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Auto Accident and Injury

When you’ve been injured in an automobile or motorcycle accident, the days that follow are often filled with frustration and confusion. You may be hurting. You may be angry. You may find yourself needing answers to questions such as: “How is fault determined in an automobile collision?”; “How are my ambulance bill and emergency room bills going to get paid?”; “Is this pain ever going to go away?”; “How can my own insurance company help me?”; “How is my car supposed to get fixed?”; “Should I talk with the insurance adjuster that’s calling me?”; “Do I need to speak with a lawyer now?”

While the answers to most of these questions depend largely upon the unique facts of your case, you should consult with an attorney you trust, as soon as possible. You can trust the lawyers at Patton & Hyder to give you the answers you need when you need them. You can trust the lawyers at Patton & Hyder to aggressively pursue the maximum recovery possible in your case. We know the law. We know how insurance companies and adjusters will attempt to minimize your recovery. We know how to combat them. You can trust the lawyers at Patton & Hyder to keep you informed along the way to your recovery and to personally return your calls. Patton & Hyder…because bad times call for serious advice.