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Hundreds of lawyers vie for your Social Security Disability case on television advertisements every day. Those TV lawyers no doubt haul in hundreds, if not thousands of cases every year.

The lawyers of Patton & Hyder prefer quality over quantity, taking only those cases we know from experience are likely to be approved. This is not to say that we shy away from a challenge, but if you have a case we feel will be difficult to win, we are going to be honest with you about that–even if we do take your case. If necessary, we will be happy to make house calls to assist you in beginning your claim for Social Security Disability.

When you can no longer work due to an injury or illness you need a lawyer you can actually reach by phone. You need a lawyer who knows the medical providers in your community. In many cases, your success in a Social Security Disability case comes down to what your doctor is willing to say about your claim. We know our communities and the medical providers who serve them. If you live in Cumberland County, TN; Fentress County, TN; Morgan County, TN; Putnam County, TN; White County, TN; Bledsoe County, TN; Rhea County TN; DeKalb County, TN; or Roane County, TN and you have been turned down by the Social Security Administration for disability, we want to help you. Naturally, consultations are free.



TN has a one year statute of limitations for personal injury and wrongful death claims. This means you must file suit against the parties responsible for your injuries or the wrongful death within one year from the date you were injured or your loved one was killed, or forever lose the right to do so!

DO NOT make the mistake of waiting too long to involve an experienced attorney, in an effort to save money. You may find that it is too late.

While attorneys do charge for their services, routinely one-third of your recovery in these types of cases, an experienced attorney brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and will be worth his or her fee. Stop dealing with that unreasonable adjuster. You can trust us to be your civil court lawyers.


Patton & Hyder can help you with that. Simply knowing what your rights are goes a long way toward seeing that they are respected. For example: In order to initiate a stop of your vehicle in Tennessee, a law enforcement officer must have reasonable suspicion that you are either engaged or about to be engaged in criminal activity. That means it is not enough that you were driving a 1975 Volkswagen van an hour outside of Manchester, TN the day before Bonaroo begins!

Also, you should know that you have the right to say no when an officer politely asks if he or she can search your vehicle. With very limited exceptions, an officer must have probable cause to conduct a search of your vehicle. Recent TN case law provides that when you are stopped for speeding, an expired tag, or some similar violation of the law, for which you would normally be issued a citation and allowed to go on your way, that stop cannot be unreasonably prolonged, for instance, while a K-9 unit (drug dog) is dispatched to sniff around your vehicle.

If your rights have been violated and you are wrongfully arrested, we suggest that you be as nice as you can possibly be to that errant officer. When you post bail, call PATTON & HYDER, and let us be the bad guys.




Family law in TN is constantly evolving. Last year, for example, the TN Legislature nearly passed a bill that would have created a presumption in new divorces that a child’s best interests would be served by spending equal amounts of time with both the mother and the father.

The Lawyers of Patton & Hyder keep up with these ever-changing laws and can guide you through such emotionally-charged matters as divorces, child custody modifications and adoptions.

Do not make the mistake of thinking you can “do-it-yourself” when it comes to a family law case. You would not dream of being your own surgeon or even trusting your medical care to an inexperienced doctor! Don’t trust your family legal matters to anyone except an experienced, knowledgeable Attorney who is familiar with the legal system in your community. You can trust Patton & Hyder to handle your legal affairs with experience and integrity.


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