Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a broad, umbrella term for any legal proceeding that is not criminal in nature. It is usually the result of a dispute between two or more parties who are seeking money damages or some other remedy such as specific performance of a contract or an injunction that prevents someone or some entity from doing something they would otherwise be entitled to do. Regardless of the subject matter, each case begins with proper investigation and preparation. Pleadings are then filed with the court, which outline the facts surrounding the complaint and spells out why your side thinks they are correct according to the relevant law. The next step is discovery, where each side presents their evidence as requested from the other side, and then preparations for trial are commenced. Settlements are becoming more and more common however the best way to get the most out of a settlement is to not be hesitant to go to trial. Our attorneys are experienced in trial practice and can put you in a prime position to get what you want, either by trial or settlement.

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