Personal Injury

The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Crossville, TN:

• Patton & Hyder will demand you get compensated for missed work.
• We make sure that your Spouse is fully compensated and covered no matter what.
• We do not stop working the case until justice has been served.

DO NOT make the mistake of waiting too long after an accident – Call Patton & Hyder when justice demands it.

When you’ve been hurt, and there’s a good reason that another person or business entity should be held responsible for your injuries, we can help. The trial attorneys at PATTON & HYDER will DEMAND that you be compensated for your medical expenses, your missed work due to disability or required medical treatment, the pain and aggravation caused by the event, and the loss you may have experienced in the enjoyment of your life. If you are married, we will also make sure that your spouse is fairly compensated for their effective loss of you while you are recovering from the incident or if, God forbid, you don’t. We will work your case until we can truly say that justice has been served.

Tennessee has a one year statute of limitations for personal injury and wrongful death claims. This means you must file suit against the parties responsible for your injuries or the wrongful death within one year from the date you were injured or your loved one was killed, or forever lose the right to do so.

While attorneys do charge for their services, routinely one-third of your recovery in these types of cases, an experienced attorney brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and will be worth his or her fee. Stop dealing with that unreasonable adjuster. You can trust us to be your civil court lawyers. DO NOT make the mistake of waiting too long to involve an experienced attorney in an effort to save money. You may find that it is too late. Call Patton & Hyder WHEN JUSTICE DEMANDS IT.

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