Social Security Disability (SSD)



Social Security Disability

If you have been injured or struck by a physical or mental illness that will no longer allow you to work, you should investigate whether or not you qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Earl Patton knows Social Security disability law and can help you navigate the Social Security Administration’s system of determining whether or not you qualify for benefits. We will make sure that:

  1.  You understand the process from start to finish;
  2.  That all deadlines are met;
  3.  The Judge has all of your medical records needed to approve your application;
  4.  You have an understanding of the issues; and that
  5.  You are prepared for the hearing;


If  injuries and/or illnesses prevent you from working regularly, you may qualify for federal Social Security Disability benefits.  The lawyers at Patton & Hyder can help you navigate the difficult and exhaustive process required to obtain those benefits.  In a nutshell, the process consists of the following:

  1.  You file your initial application with the Social Security Administration seeking disability benefits.
  2. The Administration sends a letter back to you explaining basically that you are not sick enough, or hurt enough to qualify.
  3. You, or your representative file a “Request for Reconsideration” and other related documents required by the Administration.
  4. The Administration sends a letter back to you explaining that they’ve reviewed your claim again and that they’ve decided they were right the first time they denied your request.
  5. You or your representative file a request for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.
  6. At the hearing, you (and your representative if you have one) are finally given the opportunity to fully present your case and to explain, even demonstrate in appropriate cases, the reasons you qualify for disability benefits.


There will be many forms to fill out at and in-between each of these steps.  The Social Security Administration will likely require you to be examined by a doctor or doctors of their choosing.  It is likely, in our experience, that those doctors will not think you are disabled.   If that is the case, you may need to secure the opinion of another doctor who does think you are disabled.  However, your doctor writing a note that says: “I believe my patient,__________,is disabled,” will not be enough.  The regulations of the Social Security Administrations are complicated.  So the question of whether or not you are “disabled,” requires a rather complicated response and explanation.  We know the right questions to ask and the right answers to seek in your own unique case.

You can trust the lawyers at Patton & Hyder to help you at every stage of this process.  You can trust the lawyers at Patton & Hyder to correctly file all of the necessary documentation required by the Social Security Administration.  You can trust the lawyers at Patton & Hyder, to ask your doctors the right questions.  You can trust the lawyers of Patton & Hyder to represent you with dignity.  You can trust the lawyers at Patton & Hyder to make your problems our problems and to do everything we can to get you approved for disability benefits.

Hundreds of lawyers vie for your Social Security Disability case on television advertisements every day. Those TV lawyers no doubt haul in hundreds, if not thousands of cases every year.

The lawyers of Patton & Hyder prefer quality over quantity, taking only those cases we know from experience are likely to be approved. This is not to say that we shy away from a challenge, but if you have a case we feel will be difficult to win, we are going to be honest with you about that–even if we do take your case. If necessary, we will be happy to make house calls to assist you in beginning your claim for Social Security Disability.

When you can no longer work due to an injury or illness you need a lawyer you can actually reach by phone. You need a lawyer who knows the medical providers in your community. In many cases, your success in a Social Security Disability case comes down to what your doctor is willing to say about your claim. We know our communities and the medical providers who serve them. If you live in Cumberland County, TN; Fentress County, TN; Morgan County, TN; Putnam County, TN; White County, TN; Bledsoe County, TN; Rhea County TN; DeKalb County, TN; or Roane County, TN and you have been turned down by the Social Security Administration for disability, we want to help you. Naturally, consultations are free.

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