Workers' Compensation

When you’ve been seriously hurt at work, in the very best of circumstances: 1) someone associated with your employer understands workers’ compensation law; and 2) you are truly valued as an employee. When these two factors are present, but rarely anytime else, there is a chance that your workers’ compensation claim will go smoothly. That chance, however, seems to be growing thinner and thinner every year with the development of laws that favor Tennessee employers over the rights of Tennessee employees. There are simply too many things that can go wrong and too many layers of authority at play… from the “adjuster” or claims representative, to the nurse case manager; from the physical therapist, to the treating doctor; from the Tennessee Department of Labor Workers’ Compensation Specialist, to a Judge who may ultimately resolve issues in your case. Opinions developed and decisions made by any one of these layers of authority can completely change the course of your workers’ compensation claim. Strategic decisions must be made literally from the moment an on the job injury occurs. Delaying those decisions or listening to the advice of anyone other than an experienced workers’ compensation attorney may be detrimental to your rights under this complex body of law. Put PATTON & HYDER to work in your case to receive solid advice and zealous representation in your workers’ compensation case. Call the seasoned attorneys at PATTON & HYDER to cut through the red tape and mine the full extent of Justice that the Tennessee workers’ compensation laws will bear. Call Patton & Hyder WHEN JUSTICE DEMANDS IT.
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